High Fives and Hand Shakes

This has become a quick way for me to describe a certain customer that loves to come into my store and thank me for what I am doing.  They offer me a high five or a hand shake and walk out of the store without buying a single thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know my store has a look and feel that is new and I know that American Made Modern is something I made up, but consumers need to realize the great power we have. We can change the world through our spending decisions. As soon as we, as consumers, give clear signals about what we will and will not spend our money on, we can control what and where things are manufactured. Technology exists to track our route in the super market, to know what websites we visit and where we choose to shop. The beauty of such information is that we can turn the tables on it’s intended purpose, which is to drive us to buy what is chosen for us. We can send the message back to corporate America that we want to spend our dollars on supporting the small artist in Portland Oregon, or the sock manufacturer in Fort Payne Alabama, or the store in Healdsburg that supports 75 American companies. We have all the power we need to change the tide, to build our own economy, to be our own solution. The one thing we must do is not just talk about it, but take action. That action must be conscious spending. High fives and hand shakes doesn’t put food on the tables of out of work Americans. It doesn’t keep their children fed or rebuild our economy. Empty words and gestures just can't make the necessary difference in our economy and our lives. The next time I am offered a high five and a hand shake I will graciously accept the sentiment and encouragement and then try to gently enlighten them as to the power of conscious spending. Wish me luck!